Why P2IC Exists

Current State of Construction

There are many issues which could affect successful delivery of a project, mainly time and cost overruns in construction are very common. The causes of construction overruns have been investigated and the most common causes are:

  • Poor or incomplete design and documentation;
  • Client scope change during construction;
  • Mistakes during construction;
  • Delays in decision making or instructions;
  • Poor communication;
  • Poor planning and scheduling;
  • Weather;
  • Labour;
  • Incorrect material types or quantity;
  • Lack of innovation.

As a result of these causes, the construction industry is facing declining productivity. Data published by the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics show that in the last 40 years, while non-farm productivity has increased by over 200%, productivity in the construction industry has actually declined.

This is creating a crisis for the construction industry given the global demand for construction and the typical size of financial commitment and therefore risk involved.